Bruce M. Reynolds - software engineering consultant

Bruce M. Reynolds

Software design engineer / Software engineering consultant

C++/Win32 C#/VB/ASP.NET/SQL Server Java/Oracle/UNIX/Linux

Reynolds is currently working in C++ and C#, for Windows and ASP.NET, using both SQL Server and Oracle.

In 1985, Reynolds founded the firm Software Resources, a software engineering training and consulting firm. As sole-proprietor and chief software engineer, Reynolds is responsible for all business and engineering activity at the firm. Reynolds has helped to build an image review product for echo-cardiology ultrasound, a multilead ECG patient monitor, a multifunction calibrator, and an avionics Data Management Unit running in the cockpit of the 747-400 airplane. Reynolds designed and implemented the windows version of CodeTEST, a code coverage product to help companies adhere to DOD 178B quality standards.

Other products that Reynolds has worked on...

Instructor, University of Washington. Reynolds currently teaches both on-site and distance learning classes for the two professional certificate programs:

Going back to 1997, Reynolds has also taught courses in other UW certificate programs, including

  • Using the .NET Framework in Visual Basic and
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using the UML.

Author. Reynolds is the sole author of the shared course materials for the distance learning and in-class Introduction to C++ sections. These materials are used by all other instructors in the certificate program. Reynolds has helped revise the materials in the C++ Certificate several times. Reynolds also helped to create new course materials for the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using the UML certificate, and helped launch the XML certificate.

Director, Trustee. Member of the Library Board of Trustees of the Redmond Regional Libary (part of the King County Library System). Appointed to a five-year term in 2008 by John Marchione, the Mayor of Redmond. KCLS is the third busiest library system in the US. Also serving as Director of several corporations and non-profits, including, Exothermic Robotics, Software Resources, Inc, and (for one interminable year in 2009-2010) director/treasurer of a small, dysfunctional homeowners' association.

Co-Founder, Director, and Treasurer of Exothermic Robotics (2009), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Exothermic Robotics is one of the most successful middle/high-school robotics programs in the world, based on results in VEX and FTC robotics competition. Exothermic Robotics helps junior-high- and high-school students learn science, technology, engineering and math.

Founder and Executive Director of Seattle Stay-At-Home Dads (2004), an organization to benefit children in the Seattle area. Members of have met more than 250 times for play dates and other reasons such as Dads' Night Out. In 2006, Reynolds incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. 

Founder of Software Resources (1985), a software engineering training and consulting firm. In 1989, Software Resources was registered in Washington state as a business. In 2006, Reynolds incorporated the business as Software Resources, Inc.


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