Bruce M. Reynolds

Software design engineer / Software engineering consultant

C++/Win32 C#/VB/ASP.NET/SQL Server Java/Oracle/UNIX/Linux

OBJECTIVE -- Program Manager, Software Architect, Scrum Master, Software Engineer

Proven ability to lead the development of software systems, to plan and implement software systems in a controlled and predictable manner, and to schedule, budget, and manage the production of complex software.



  • Fifteen years experience using C++ developing Microsoft Windows applications.
  • More than five years database experience using Oracle, SQL Server, OLE-DB, and ADO.Net.
  • Java and UNIX/Linux experience, using NetBeans, JDBC, g++, bash, emacs, make, Perl, RCS/CVS.

  • Experience developing embedded, real-time systems in assembly, C and C++ (8051, 68xxx, 80x86).
  • Lead software engineer for several successful products, including a 200-KLOC medical instrument. Eight years experience in a lead role.


Senior Software Engineer

two years

  • Lead software engineer. Led a team of eight to ten engineers for two years at a Fortune 500 company to design, implement and launch a new video review product running on Windows NT. Designed and implemented more than one hundred C++ classes, including a C++ framework for ultrasound acquisition. Designed and implemented an XML-based storage and retrieval system for ultrasound acquisition data. Implemented several small COM objects. Built a framework to diagnose and correct thread synchronization issues. Met and exceeded FDA software quality standards. Introduced unit testing to the project. Converted CppUnit to Unicode and customized its Windows user interface. Prioritized, estimated, and assigned defects and features. Attended CDRs, reviewed newly-created files, reviewed new code for localization issues, conducted code reviews and enforced coding standards.
  • Advised other groups throughout the corporation regarding the use of C++ and MS Windows as a development platform and as a target platform. Our project was the first project at this corporation to use C++ and MS Windows. Helped define C++ coding standards for other groups just starting out. Conducted company-wide software engineering training on C++, objects, and design patterns.
  • Used C++, MFC, Access, SQL, ADO, OLE-DB, ODBC, XML, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, Purify, Quantify, CodeTEST
Software Engineer IV, Software Engineer V

four years

  • Project lead. Led a team of three to five software engineers which successfully implemented 100,000 lines of C++ code to produce a completely new MS-Windows software product. Participated from product inception through release and post-release maintenance. Promoted to project lead two years into the project. Supervised the work of other software engineers. Set standards, reviewed others' designs and code, and trained other engineers on my own team and other teams in the use of state-of-the-art software tools and methodology. Successfully released this product to key customers months ahead of schedule. The product was pivotal in enabling the corporation to secure strategic shared technology agreements with key corporate partners, including Actel, Altera and Cypress.
  • Participated in user requirements interviews. Defined the product’s system architecture and platform. Personally designed, implemented, tested and released 30,000 lines of Microsoft Windows C++ code, including user interface, MDI and DDE applications. Designed and coded more than 70 C++ classes, including 40 non-display (domain-specific) C++ classes. Implemented four complete applets myself, including one with user interface. Partitioned the system into several DLLs. Built installation software using MS Setup. Launched and monitored a beta program involving a dozen key customers.
  • Used Borland C++, Liant C++/Views, Windows SDK, MS Setup
Senior Software Engineer

two years

  • Windows lead engineer. Successfully designed, implemented and launched a new software product for MS Windows NT. Responsible for all Windows development on the product. Designed and implemented more than one hundred C++ classes. Implemented a TCP/IP socket interface for data collection. Maintained and enhanced tens of thousands of lines shared between the MS Windows and UNIX X-Windows versions of the application. Built installation software using InstallShield. In the first year, personally completed all Windows development on the product, including user interface and internals. After the first year, added two Windows software developers and a contractor and led their work on the product.
  • Used C++, Visual Studio, COM, MFC, Rogue Wave class library, Pinnacle class library, Stringray class libraries; UNIX/SunOS, g++, bash, Emacs, make/gmake, RCS, CVS, Perl, AWK, sed, gtar, gzip, lex, Motif; Sun SPARCstation, Motorola 680X0 assembly language, 680X0 microprocessor; InstallShield, FLEXlm License Manager

twelve years,part-time

  • Since 1998, instructor for several evening certificate training programs at the University of Washington, including C++ Programming, Visual Basic .NET Programming, and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using the UML. Taught both on-site and distance-learning courses. Trained hundreds of engineers. Created course content for the C++ Introduction course, which all instructors use. Helped start the XML training program.
  • From 1995 to 1997, member of the Industry Advisory Board to the C++ evening certificate program.
  • Used C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server Express, SQL, HTML, Visual Studio 2005
Independent Consultant

eight months

  • Designed and implemented Oracle tables and Java programs to align and calibrate the ATLAS CERN particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland, for the Physics Department at the University of Washington.
  • Used Java, JDBC, Netbeans; Oracle, SQL; Linux, Emacs, make, RCS
Independent Consultant

six months

  • Designed and developed a class library and a group of COM objects to implement an XML Document Object Model for XBRL, an XML-based financial reporting language.
  • Used C++, COM, XML, XSL, XPath, XQuery, HTML, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe

ten years, hobbyist

  • Designed, programmed, and hosted on my own .NET servers a 40-page website for a non-profit corporation.
  • Built, maintained, or helped high-school students maintain several websites using Drupal, including a 100-page website for a non-profit.
  • Used C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, SQL, HTML, Visual Studio 2005, DotNetNuke, IIS 6.0, Windows Server 2003