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Bruce M. Reynolds

Software design engineer / Software engineering consultant

C++/Win32 C#/VB/ASP.NET/SQL Server Java/Oracle/UNIX/Linux

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Name Title Description Location Website Born
Bruce A. Reynolds Port Authority Policeman killed in the September 11 attacks. See also Columbia, NJ 1960
Bruce Reynolds Mastermind of the Great Train Robbery (August 8, 1963). Antique Dealer. See also  

When I was very young, my parents showed me a front page newspaper article about a train robbery, with my name featured prominently in the article. For years, I thought it was just a novelty/gag gift, that they had custom printed for me as a joke.

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How many persons named Bruce Reynolds can google, classmates, linkedin, or zabasearch actually find? There are 85 on LinkedIn (2010), including a Special Agent at the FBI! Searching classmates for the name Bruce Reynolds yields 67 results (2010). For as little as $15, I could join and get in touch with all of them. Not.

How many persons named Bruce Reynolds exist? The last time I ran, there were 397,292 persons in the US with the first name Bruce, and 235,656 persons with the last name Reynolds. Statistically, there might be roughly 310 persons in the US named Bruce Reynolds, following the cheezy analysis at

Spokeo thinks there are 408 people named Bruce Reynolds in America.

Are you Bruce Reynolds? Contact me, and I'll add you to my list or fix your info! Or take you off the list. Whatever.

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