Bruce M. Reynolds

Software design engineer / Software engineering consultant

C++/Win32 C#/VB/ASP.NET/SQL Server Java/Oracle/UNIX/Linux


BS Physics, University of Washington
  3.81 GPA, Sigma Pi Sigma (national honor society for Physics undergraduates)
  BS plus 45 credits (229 credits)
  • focus on Computer Science (22 credits in 300- and 400-level CS courses)
  • 300- and 400-level courses in 13 different departments, including Phys, CS, EE, Math, Astr, Geol, Psych, Arch, Germ, Govt, and Phil
  • graduate-level courses in 3 different departments (Math, EE, Govt)

Continuing education at the University of Washington, Seattle University, California State University, and the University of Virginia



Tutorials with John Vlissides, Scott Meyers, Arthur J. Riel and Timothy D. Korson

    • Agile Overview and ScrumMaster Certification (part of Agile Development Certificate, University of Washington (45-hour course over ten weeks), 2010
    • Introduction to Graphics (part of the Game Development certificate), University of Washington (30-hour course over 10 weeks), 2004
    • Design Patterns, John Vlissides, tutorial at OOPSLA’99, 1999 (1-day)
    • Design and Development of Distance Learning Courses, University of Washington (1 day)
    • Requirements and Specifications Workshop, Jim Collafello (U. of Arizona), 1995 (two days)
    • High Performance C++ Programming, Scott Meyers, tutorial at OOPSLA’94, 1994 (half-day)
    • Designing and Managing C++ Class Libraries,  Arthur H. Riel, tutorial at OOPSLA’94, 1994 (half-day)
    • Evaluating and Constructing Class Libraries, Timothy D. Korson, tutorial at OOPSLA’94, 1994 (half-day)
    • Structured Testing Techniques, Jim Collafello (University of Arizona), 1994 (two days)
    • ISO-9000 Quality Concepts, ISO-9000 Auditing, 1994 (five days)
    • Managing Computer Projects, Batelle Institute, Seattle (three days)

Conferences Attended

    • OOPSLA’99 (ACM conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications), Seattle, WA 1999
    • ICSE-17 (17th Annual International Conference on Software Engineering) Seattle, WA 1995
    • OOPSLA’94 (ACM conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications), Denver, CO 1994
    • PNSQC 1986, 1987, and 1988 (Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference), Portand, OR

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